4 Lessons That You Can Learn From Binnu Dhillon Aka Lovely From Kala Shah Kala

Lovely aka Binnu Dhillon's character in the Punjabi film is something one can look up to. We list down the reasons why we think so!

1. Never give up

Binnu Dhillon in Kala Shah Kala (Source: ZEE5)

The Punjabi film Kala Shah Kala is a story of hope, dedication and true love with lots of laughter thrown in. Lovely (played by Binnu Dhillon) and Pammi’s (played by Sargun Mehta) love saga won huge accolades and box office returns for its innovative storytelling. We have seen many love triangles, but this whacky love triangle is different from others. While breaking down the characters, let’s check out what Binnu’s Lovely ‘Nag’ teaches us.

Before getting married to Pammi, Lovely faced multiple rejections. We don’t think there was any girl who didn’t run away after seeing Lovely. But still, he kept his hope alive. He believed that even he will get the love of his life.

2. Be a role model

Sargun Mehta and Binnu Dhillon in Kala Shah Kala (Source: ZEE5)

Lovely ‘Nag’ has dark skin, but a clean heart. When he gets married to sohni Pammi, a villager (who is not fair-skinned) looks up to Lovely with a ray of hope. The villager gets encouraged by the fact that even the dark-skinned Lovely can get his dream girl. When Lovely is ready to leave his wife Pammi so that she can be with her lover, Jaggi, a waiter consoles him. In the climax, when Pammi decides to returns to Lovely, another layman is shown celebrating the victory of true love. This shows that Lovely is a role model for all the true aashiqs out there.

3. Be adorably well-mannered

Binnu Dhillon as well mannered boy Lovely (Source: ZEE5)

The reason why no one hates Lovely as a person is because of his sweet, friendly nature. Even though he is mocked by everyone, he holds no grudge against anyone. Even when Pammi shares her feeling for Jaggi with him, he agrees to leave Pammi so she can be with him. He wins her over by working hard and being humble. Eventually, Pammi notices that Lovely has a big heart and humility, which makes her come back to him.

4. Dream big

Sargun Mehta and Binnu Dhillon in Kala Shah Kala (Source: ZEE5)

The biggest takeaway from Lovely is to dream big. Despite being dark-skinned and being laughed at by many, Lovely does not stop dreaming big and being positive. Remember that Tibbeyan Dhaaga scene where he sees Pammi for the first time? He says that if God can grant him a partner like her, he will forgive God for making him dark-skinned.

So, this was our list of Lovely’s deeds and thinking. Let us know your favorite characteristics of Lovely’s in the comment section.

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