4 Reasons Why Boys Need To Be Like Aman From Tu Patang Main Dor

Tu Patang Main Dor's lead actor Aman aka Rohit Handa has many qualities that you should try and imbibe.

1. Be optimistic

Rohit Handa as Aman in Tu Patang Main Dor (Source: ZEE5)

In the Zee Punjabi serial Tu Patang Main Dor, Aman and Zarina’s love story faces many obstacles but their deep love for each other pulls them through. Aman (played by Rohit Handa) is the one guy everyone needs in their lives. Here are the qualities that make Aman special and different from others.

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When Aman wanted to communicate with Zarina (played by Lovepreet Kaur and now by Chetna Singh) from across the border, he wrote her a letter and attached it to a kite. He flew the kite over the border and it took several days for the letter to reach his ladylove. But Aman was optimistic throughout that his letter would find its way. He never lost hope and that’s one great quality of his that we should all imbibe!

2. Be selfless

Aman always help others without any hidden intention (Source: ZEE5)

Aman has proved several times that he is less concerned about himself and more about others. When he was seen participating in a kite-flying competition, he gave up his game to save a child. Remember when Aman asked Surjan to sell his belongings to help Zarina? Such traits make him stand out from others.

3. Be brave

Aman stood for the right (Source: ZEE5)

Throughout the show we see Aman taking tough decisions, and not thinking about the consequences at all. He has tried everything in his power to unite Ilma and Kirpal. He applied for a visa to travel to Pakistan and then he took another route as well. Aman even helped Zarina in exposing Mazhar and helped Dayal prove his innocence.

4. Be fun-loving

Amandeep aka Rohit Handa with Surjan (Source: ZEE5)

Another quality that sets Aman apart from others is his jolly nature. He is not shown as your stereotypical, loud ‘pind da munda’. Aman knows how to find happiness even in the toughest of situations. He and his pal Surjan have given us enough moments to cherish and rejoice.

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