4 Things That Prove That Desho From Khasma Nu Khani Is The Most Special Girl We Know!

Khasma Nu Khani’s Deshpreet aka Harsimran Oberoi is a girl any boy would commit crime for. But what is it that makes her special? Read on to find out!

1. She is well-mannered

Harsimran Oberoi as Deshpreet (Source: ZEE5)

Desho aka Deshpreet (played by Harsimran Oberoi) of the Punjabi TV serial Khasma Nu Khani is the person who holds the Zee Punjabi serial together. You can’t imagine the sitcom without her smile. Desho has such qualities that can make any guy crazy for her. Here are some qualities that make Desho so special.

One quality that attract anyone to Desho is that she has manners to deal with anyone. She knows how to give respect to elders, how to become a child while hanging around them. Anyone who meets Desho once, befriends her and they look for reasons to hang out with her. No wonder that when Arman (played by Navdeesh Arora) has brought Simple (played by Sukhpreet Trehan) to his house, everyone in his locality is bashing him, for betraying such a noble soul like Desho.

2. Her positive attitude

Deshpreet in Khasma Nu Khani (Source: ZEE5)

Desho can easily become a spiritual healer, or a counselor. That’s because she is full of positivity, she knows how to find good in bad. She knows how to rejoice in moments. Unlike Simple. one can never feel negative around her. Even after Arman is exposed and Desho was leaving the house, she says that maybe it’s her fault and she might not be worthy of him. Wow! She can give some lessons.

3. She's always well-dressed

Harsimran Oberoi plays doting wife Deshpreet (Source: ZEE5)

No, Desho is not a glam doll, but she knows how to dress up well. She wears traditional clothes and always looks gorgeous in suits. Something tells us that she will definitely look gorgeous in Westernwear too. Don’t you agree?

4. Rooted and well connected

Harsimran Oberoi as Deshpreet (Source: ZEE5)

Desho knows how to handle happiness or success, she doesn’t take anything to her head. She is quite grounded and even after living with her modern hubby, she is well connected to her Virsa. One needs to know their roots as well.

Words are few to describe Desho and her uniqueness but if you posses any of these qualities, then you’re going on the right track. Let us know what are the similarities between you and Desho.

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