5 Best Moments From Tu Patang Main Dor That We Loved Watching

Aman-Zarina's friendship and love have captivated the audience and how. Here's looking at the five best moments from the show.

1 When Aman Calls Zarina to Meet Him

Tu Patang Main Dor, the popular Zee Punjabi serial, has intrigued the audience, and it has managed to become one of the top Punjabi serials. The story of friendship, love, hope, hate, betrayal has caught the imagination of the viewers. Here’s listing the best moments shared between the lead pair Aman (played by Rohit Handa) and Zarina (earlier played by Lovepreet Kaur and now by Chetna Singh) from the show, that have made it so powerful and entertaining.

When Zarina starts communicating with Aman, she lies to him by saying that she’s a 60-year-old lady with five kids. Aman doesn’t believe her and he challenges her to meet him near the border of the farm. Zarina refuses at first but agrees eventually. When he reaches the spot, Aman is surprised to find an old lady waiting there. But soon he is relieved to see Zarina making an appearance as she helps the old lady walk. Aman and Zarina look at each other and the two share a subtle, romantic moment.

2 When Zarina tells Aman about Ilma's whereabouts

Aman has only one mission — to reunite the estranged lovers Kirpal Singh and Ilma. After several attempts, he finally gets positive news one day. Zarina calls Aman and tells him about Ilma. Aman’s excitement knows no bounds, but soon, his mother Amrit Kaur brings in a new twist as she hints at being Ilma.

3. When Mazhar tricks Zarina

Zarina’s life takes a drastic turn when she tries to stop her teenage friend-cum-student Banno’s child marriage with Mazhar. At first, she meets Mazhar, hoping that being an educated guy, he can understand Banno’s ambitions and refuse to marry her. But Mazhar plays a dirty game; he agrees to cancel his wedding with Banno only if she agrees to marry him first. When Zarina refuses to this condition put forth by Mazhar, the latter blames her for being a woman of a questionable character.

4 When Zarina exposes Mazhar

Mazhar’s trick to blame Zarina works and everyone in his house, especially her step-mother, criticises her. The next day, Zarina calls Aman and he helps her come up with a plan. Later in the night, Zarina calls Mazhar to meet her and once they do so, he confesses that he lied about her to everyone. Zarina’s father appears after listening to his confession and slaps Mazhar. Thus, Mazhar is exposed. After this, Banno’s mother apologises to Zarina and she saves her friend with Aman’s help.

5 When Diyal is framed for supplying fake liquor

Aman’s father Sarpanch Diyal gets into trouble when Surjan and other villagers face a health scare due to the consumption of cheap, fake liquor. Later, the police arrive and arrest Diyal, accusing him of supplying the dangerous liquor. Jagatar and Rajwant are happy as it was their plan to get him trapped. Aman intervenes and tells the police that his father can’t be arrested. But Diyal goes with police and Aman sets on a mission to prove his father’s innocence. With the help of Loveleen, Aman is successful in doing so.

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