5 Films Of Different Flavours You Need To Watch On ZEE5 Now As You Try Social Distancing

In these stressful times, all we need is a break! And so, here we present some stress-buster films for your entertainment!

1. Surkhi Bindi

Monty di height vade na vade…stress roz vadh rehya hai. People are losing themselves in the battles of day-to-day survival. No one has the time to sit back for a while. One needs a break and dive into the lives of fictitious characters to make you forget your worries. So here we are with five movies that can kill your stress and make you happier.

The 2019 film Surkhi Bindi starring Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar has all the ingredients of a massive entertainer. The movie deals with Ranno (played by Sargun) who always wanted a big-fat dream wedding with her Prince Charming and a life in Canada, but ends up marrying a man from a village and she thinks that her dreams have been crushed. The roller-coaster ride that she goes through with her husband forms the basis of the rest of the film. Watch the movie to get butterflies in your stomach because of Sargun and Gurnam’s on-screen chemistry!

2. Super Singh

Punjab got its first superhero in Diljit Dosanjh with the 2017 Anurag Singh film Super Singh. Apart from Diljit, the film stars Sonam Bajwa and Pawan Malhotra in pivotal roles. Super Singh is loaded with action, drama, comedy and Diljit at his best. After getting a special pag, Dosanjh turns from Singh to Super Singh and goes on to fight crime, save the city, and help neighbourhood aunties with their grocery shopping. Watch the movie to get your fill of Super Singh’s heroics!

3. Band Vaaje

When you put Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Jaswinder Bhalla in a Smeep Kang film, what can you expect but a heavy dose of laughter, confusion and madness? Band Vaaje is the story of Inder aka Binnu who falls for Bilkis aka Mandy Takhar, but he can’t get married to her since Bilkis is a Pakistani and Inder’s Beeji hates Pakistanis. What follows is a mad caper that will make you laugh and keep you on your toes too!

4. Saab Bahadur

Punjabi cinema has gone through a major revolution in recent times, and Ammy Virk’s Saab Bahadur is a milestone in this transformation saga. This was the first investigative thriller set in the 90s. Saab Bahadur investigates a mysterious murder that shocked the people of Punjab. Watch it for an entertaining, nail-biting thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. Kala Shah Kala

Last year’s highest grossing film was a comedy drama about a dark-skinned ‘Nag’ aka Binnu Dhillon falling for cute Pammi aka Sargun Mehta on an unexpected journey of discovering love. Apart from these two, B.N Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Jordan Sandhu, Nirmal Rishi and Jatinder Kaur keep the audience equally entertained with their funny punch-lines and overall performance. Kala Shah Kala was a breakthrough film in presenting the life of a dark-skinned guy as something to be as normal as everyone else’s.

So this was our list of movies to kill your stress da bill. Let us know if you have any more recommendations in the comment section!

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