Pondemonium, Agi Bagi, Crazy Candies: 6 ZEE5 Kids Shows Your Preschooler Will Love

ZEE5 Kids has a fun new line-up to help you out with the biggest challenge of parenthood - keeping your little one calm and entertained. Check it out!

1. Pondemonium

Hanging around with toddlers can be a stress buster, their innocent smiles and masti can instantly cheer you up. But if you ignore them when they want attention…that’s it. Your stress buster will turn into a stress maker. So if you are looking out for some new friends for your pre-schooler, ZEE5 Kids is here to help you out.

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1. Pondemonium

In the marshy land, Joe Crocker, Cosmo, and other creatures have found happiness and fight challenges with a smile. From bugs to an amphibian, from bees to ants to butterflies and a frog, the world of Pondemonium has over 100 episodes with fun, colour, and adventure.

2. Agi Bagi

Agi Bagi is the perfect show for pre-schoolers to learn about the environment. In a runtime of 10-11 minutes, this show will teach your kids many lessons about the Earth, its ecosystems, the forests, the sun (Agi), and the moon (Bagi). This show has the uniqueness to teach your kids in the most entertaining manner. The show has great animation and voice acting to complement its engaging stories.

3. Marvelous Milly

Gen Z is extremely familiar with gadgets. Sometimes they can run the gadgets better than us. Marvellous Milly is one show that every kid should watch as little Milly teaches you how can make alternative use of your gadgets, making your life little less complicated. Milly’s father is an inventor, and Milly manages to always come up with an alternate and inventive use of her father’s gadgets.

4. Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School deals with a group of five adorable dogs – Lucas, Lili, Koda, Suki, and Pedro – and their adventures in school. This show emphasises on the lessons of acceptance and tolerance. It tells us how diversity is to be celebrated and everyone should be respected for their uniqueness and differences.

5. Crazy Candies

Marshyo, Baozi, and their friends’ nutty adventure will make such an impact that you will never look at your candy in the same way. The trippy world of Marshyo will surely attract toddlers and adults alike. Watching one season of Crazy Candies is not enough, that is why the world of candies is spread across three whole seasons for you to watch!

6. Wumpa's World

Wumpa and his world on the Arctic Circle will become your kid’s new fantasy adventure place. Wumpa’s World tells the story of a brown walrus, Wumpa, who narrates different tales that teach us a lot about friendship, environmental conservation, and other important issues. The show magnificently combines puppetry and animatronics to regale you the stories and events happening around the characters Zig-Zag, who are snowmobiles, Tiguak, who is a polar bear, and Seeka-Tuk, who are snow hares.

Did your toddlers love these shows as we predicted? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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