Saturday Playlist: 6 Manj Musik Songs That Will Turn Your House Into The School Of Cool

Pollywood's top rapper Manj Musik knows how to put his finger on the pulse of music lovers. Here are some of his songs you can groove to.

1. Call

Composer Manj Musik always surpasses expectations. He is responsible for giving us many club numbers and rap hits. Since it’s our favourite weekend wala Saturday, here we are with the sizzling, blazing music of Manj to make your Saturday playlist Musikcal and melodious. Scroll down to find out more.

In these #Lockdown days, one thing that’s keeping a long-distance relationship on survival mode is a phone call. You may have missed your beloved’s call and s/he might think that you have become ‘quite busy’. Well, Manj with Kaur B is here to give you a solution. Call gives you ideas to win back your loved ones. Apart from peppy music and relatable situations, another thing that works in favour of this song is the style quotient. Each frame of this song will dazzle you with its gaint cars, beautiful locales, Manj’s attitude and Kaur’s charming beauty.

2. Beauty Queen

After the sassy Call, all the boys in the house, appreciate your queen by grooving to Beauty Queen. Manj along with Manjit Singh is surrounded by beauties and Manjit is addressing his special one by saying, “Oh meri beauty beauty queen….hai ni tera laal Prada. Desi kurti…Gucci de jean, takda aaunda jaanda“. If your partner asks what attracts you about her, just say this line, “Tere nakhrey kamaal, teri chaal bemisaal, munde chakraan paave sohniye. Hoye lakk de shikar kai gabru hazaar, tenu taras na aave sohniye“. This song can actually end an argument and can reignite romance.

3. Shehar Vich Gallan

The two songs above are for couples, this song is for all those bachelors who have a pack of best friends, and are enjoying their bachelorhood and freedom hard. Manj Musik, with Sikander Kahlon and Jaz Dhami, is rewriting the rules of becoming cool.  This song is perfect for those who consider friendship more important than anything else. “Number one te main rakhan yaari…Otton baad aau teri waari. Jawani eh mudh ke nahi aani…Taiyon party chale har raati”. This song has everything that we all are dying to do during the lockdown.

4. Peg Peg Peg

Oye hoye… kyu jaale pe namak chidak rahe ho. You might be thinking about this, right? Well, you can turn your house floor into a dance floor and “Maro peg peg peg… La lo shots shots shots”. Manj again proved that when it comes to party numbers, he is the king. Manj, with Dholi Deep and Emiway, perfectly describes the party scene and why you should avoid getting too close to strangers. The song is narrated as Manj in a situation where he is chained up in a bedroom and he tries to recall what happened a night before.

5. Ajj Naiyo Sawna

Manj along with Sophie Chaudry has set the perfect mood for Saturday. Ajj Naiyo Sawna shouts out loud that Saturday night is not meant for sleeping and snoring. Gear up with everything you have and put this song on high volume. Apart from Manj’s magic, it is the oomph factor set high by Sophie that makes it great. Watching and listening to it once will not be enough.

6. Bomb

Let us end this night by grooving to Mayur and Manj’s Bomb. This song is also graced by the beauty of Sophie and she actually looks like a bombshell. This song will the perfect party number to end the night on a high note. Grove into this bombastic song and make it a melodious Saturday.

So these are some songs from Manj Musik that will kick-start your weekend. Do share your favourite Manj song in the comments section below.

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